GoBeyond Set Up

You are 7 minutes away from have a Live Shopify Bot!

Here is how to get started:

  1. Download the App on Shopify here.

  2. Make sure your logged into Facebook with the profile that controls your store's Facebook page.

  3. Watch the Onboarding Wizard Video 👇: It takes 7 minutes to launch your Shopify Bot

After you have launched your bot, see how our features work below :) 

Abandoned Cart Set Up

Did you know that as much as 69% of shoppers abandon their online carts? This powerful Abandoned Cart feature helps you automatically recover abandoned carts by reaching out via email and text. We send out 3 messages that remind and incentive shoppers to finish their order. This feature is so successful that it recovers up to 50% of abandoned carts. 

Using the Feature: Turn feature ON by toggling green icon to On position. We will automatically send up to 3 emails and messages to remind the shopper to finish their order. For the first reminder, choose how soon you want to remind them of their abandoned cart. You can choose 2hrs, 4hrs or 8hrs. Next enter a coupon code and discount percentage. Now repeat this process for the 2nd and 3rd reminders. Once you have created all 3 reminders, we will automatically create the coupons for you and begin sending out the emails & messages.


Upsell & Downsell via Messenger & Email


This feature automatically Upsells and Downsells your customer after they have made a purchase. GoBeyond automatically emails and texts your customer after they make their first purchase. It sends them a upsell item which they can buy at a discount. If they don't purchase the upsell item, it sends them a downsell item. This feature is very effective and as much as 33% of customers buy a 2nd item as a result.

Using the Feature: Turn feature ON by toggling green icon to On position. Select an item from the upsell items dropdown menu. Now create a New Coupon Code and enter a discount percentage. Do this for all 3 Upsell and Downsell items. Great job! We will send upsells/downsells at best times automatically. 


How often do your customers ask about delivery time? This feature automatically looks up a customer's order and will give your customer their order status and estimated delivery date. 


Using the Feature: Turn feature ON by toggling green icon to On position. Input the average number of days it takes to receive your order. For example, if it takes 3-5 business days, enter 5 Days.

How Lead Generation Works


This feature turns bot browsers into buyers. When customers are window shopping inside the bot, we collect their information, track their behavior and then send them a free gift. The gift is a coupon that will give them a discount off the entire store.


Using the Feature: Turn feature ON by toggling green icon to On position. Enter a Code for the Coupon and the Discount %. We will auto-generate a coupon for you and send it to them. We will also collect their information and make it available on Home Screen under new leads.

How to Set Up Messenger Plugin for Shopify

Messenger Plugins are the new email capture! They are the easiest and most effective way to get a customers information and contact them at a future time. You can think of it as email marketing on steroids. 

What are the Benefits? Messenger has much higher subscriber rates, in other words it is far easier for users to click on the 'Chat Now' button than to type out their email address. Once they are in your bot, the bot can automatically interact with them, collect information, learn about your customers and respond with personalized content and products. For you customer, that is the equivalence of going to the Mall and automatically being in their favorite store, in their favorite section looking at an item that is a perfect match for them!


...And there is one more thing

Chatbot have open rates between 70-90% and click through rates 28-60%. Simple put, it is like the early days of email except the messages can be personalized and automated leading to a much higher ROI.

Using the Plugin: Simple head over the 'Grow' tab in your Chatfuel dashboard and Enable the plugin and then add your domain in the website field. 

Next, Chatfuel will give you a code snippet. Copy the code and head over to your Shopify Store.

  1. Go to Online Store

  2. Then Go to Themes

  3. Find the 'Actions' drop down button and Select 'Edit Code'

  4. Under 'Layout' find the 'theme.liquid' file and open it.

  5. Locate the <body> section and in the body, Paste the code.

  6. Select 'Preview' button on top right to test widget. If it is working, Save.


Auto Comments on FB Posts


This feature lets you automatically respond to comments on your FB pages and posts. For example, you can engage every person who left a comment on your Facebook Advertisement and automatically send them a coupon! 


Using the Feature: Turn feature ON by toggling green icon to On position. Then head over to Chatfuel GoBeyond Template to the 'Grow' Tab. Once here, you will see the 'Acquire users from Comments'  section. Select 'Add a Rule'. Here you can auto respond to a single post or to all posts. Additionally, you respond to all comments or to comments matching a rule. We recommend that you have at least one rule in which you auto respond to all comments. Additionally, you can use trigger words such as 'Coupon' or 'Discount' to automatically give customers discounts codes when they make such a comment on your Facebook Posts. 

How to use Sales Funnels & Personalize Content

Creating Sales funnels and personalized experiences is one of the most powerful things you can do. Everytime a user presses a button or interacts with your chatbot, they are giving you information about themselves. You get to find out what they like, what their budget is, what type of shopper they are, and so on. With this information, we can automatically micro target customers, run A/B tests on them, and learn to give them content that leads to a purchase.


Using the Feature: Think of the different personas your customers have. The first thing you want to do is find out which persona the customer belongs to. Once you know this, you can begin feeding them content that fits their wants and needs. For example, if you own a clothing store like Polo Ralph Lauren, you can find out which users love the 'Big Polo Ponies' and send those users a message when the new linke of Big Polos comes out.


Additionally, you leverage your existing blog content and drive users from your blog articles to your bot. In this example, your blog content might be an awareness piece where you are talking about Big Polos. Imagine that your website visitor just found out about Big Polos and there is a call to action to learn more. When the user selects it, they are taken to the bot, and the bot plays a game of 'hot or not' with Big Polos and other similar items. This represents the decision part of the funnel. Here you a letting the customer play with you bot, get intimate with the product, maybe even virtually try it on, while you are learning about their preferences.


Everytime they make a choice, press a button, the customer automatically gets added to a segment. Later you can message everyone that loved the Big Red Polos and increase your sales.

Learn more about Facebook Messenger Marketing.


Sending Messages to your Users


Chatfuel has a very powerful broadcast feature. You can send messages now, automatically from a trigger, or auto post from an external source like an RSS feed. Trigger are powerful in that the bot will automatically send the message to the user once a condition is met. These three options make it easy to send the right message at the right time. Now let's talk about targeting

User targeting is quite robust and you can target customers using Attributes, Segment and Sequences. 

Attributes: These are the different personas that your user belong to, for example 'Big Polo' lovers. Additionally, Chatfuel keeps track of user behavior and demographics so you can target user based on their gender, name, location and even what buttons they have pressed last!

Sequences: Target users who are in or were in a sequence (group of messages). For example, you might have a sales funnel sequence for Big Red Polos that automatically send people down this funnel after they have triggered the bot. You can then follow up with the users who did not buy and give them a coupon to incentivise purchase.

Segments: You can target segments by name.

To take it a step further, you can add "and" "or" conditions. This allows you to micro target users! For example, on Black Friday, you can message ever Male who liked The Big Red Polo but did not purchase one within the past week.


Using the Feature: To send messages head over to your GoBeyond Template and select the 'Broadcast' tab. 


This is just the beginning of what is possible with your ecommerce chatbot! Watch the Chatfuel Tutorial to learn more.

Complete Chatfuel Tutorial