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Why this is the Most Powerful Chatbot for Shopify

In this video, you will learn the importance of having a chatbot for your Shopify store and it will help you discover what are you looking for the chatbot to do.

You want to use a bot to increase your sales, to help you market automatically and to get customer service assistance.

In order to achieve that you need two tools: GoBeyond.Ai, the free version on Shopify, and, which is one of the most popular bot builders.

This is a good example of how the bot works with the store, once you go in, it greets you and knows your name, and if you click on ¨Chat Now¨ it has the power to send coupons, birthday messages, etc., however what you will find really interesting is how the bot is smart enough to do audience segmentation and it is capable to put you in a group where you can find items of your interests, which increases sales opportunities.

The bot sends 3 messages to recover the ¨Abandoned Cart¨ via email and messenger.

The next feature is: Upselling and Downselling.

How does it work?

Once you purchase an item the bot will immediately send you an offer to buy another item at a discount, it will send you the offer via email and messenger.

It will also answer questions like shipping details and tracking, it asks you for your email address and it will notify you in how many days you will receive your package.

With the Diamond subscription, you get a lot of features, as you see in the video: Push Notifications, Auto Comments on Facebook Posts, Buyer Reviews via Bot, and Sales Funnels among others.

Did you know how many benefits you could get by using a Chatbot? Now you do!

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