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Shopify Chatbot: How to Upsell on FB Messenger

In this tutorial, you will learn how to use the Downselling & Upselling feature for your Shopify store using Facebook Messenger and email.

¨About 33% of customers will buy another item right after making a purchase¨

Let´s see how it works.

To get familiar with the terms, GoBeyond explains what Upselling & Downselling is, basically if a customer buys one item from your store the bot will automatically send them an email and a Facebook message with another item they can purchase at a discount but if they don´t buy that article, it goes to a Downsell, if they don´t purchase, nothing else happens.

If they do purchase the first Upsell item, it will send them another message offering another Upsell item, if they don´t purchase it then it sends them the first Downsell item if they buy it, the bot will send them the third Upsell item and so on.

To configure it, you need to go to your Shopify store then to Apps (you need to make sure you have the GoBeyond app), you click on it and you are now ready to start.

On the Set Up tab, you scroll down to Auto Upsell & Downsell and here is where the magic happens!

To begin with, you need to select your 3 first Upsell items and then you do the same with the Downsell items.

You then create a code that it will automatically generate a coupon code in your discounts; you will also be able to track it in your Analytics within the app itself.

You decide the discount percentage of each item, and lastly, click on the save button and it´s all ready to go!

Is that all? Yes, is that easy!

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