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Shopify Bot: Personalizing your Sales Funnels in Messenger

In this video, you will learn how to use User Segmentation and Sales Funnels inside of Chatfuel for your Shopify Bot.

First, you need to go to, then click on the Shopify e-commerce template by GoBeyond, scroll down and go to Sales Funnels and Sequences, these are the two features that you will learn today.

But what is a sequence?

It is a series of messages to your audience based on several characteristics.

In the tutorial, GoBeyond created a basic sales funnel:

Part 1 Awareness

Part 2 Desire

Part 3 Purchase

You can schedule the emails to be sent out at your convenience.

For the sequence, one of the first things you want to do is subscribe users to them.

You have 3 options to subscribe them:

1. Audience segmentation

2. Attributes (characteristics that the user will have)

3. Sequence

Once they have subscribed, you want to send them an email.

The first email from the sales funnel is Awareness, it needs to be personalized and powerful.

The second email from the funnel is Desire, you can offer an item at a discount or sale and this step will lead to the third action: purchase.

It is quite simple to set up and a great lead generator.

Next, learn how to add Facebook Messenger Plugin to your Shopify Store in 2 minutes.

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