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Shopify Bot: How to make a Messenger Chatbot for your Shopify Ecommerce Store in 10 Minutes

In this video, you will learn how to implement your Shopify ecommerce chatbot using which will automatically turn your Shopify store into a chatbot on Chatfuel.

GoBeyond will automatically take your products from your store and will put them inside your bot and automatically handle things like Shipping questions, upselling, abandoned carts and much more.

Best of all, it will take you about 10 minutes to configure it. Let's get started...

First, you need to download the GoBeyond App and come to the FAQ Page.

After you have installed the app, you will see the onboarding screen. GoBeyond gives you a 30-day free trial of their Diamond package which gives you access to every single feature of the bot!

First, you let it connect to Facebook.

Next, you are going to configure the Upsell feature.You can refer to the How to Upsell on FB Messenger tutorial to review all the info about Upselling and Downselling. This feature will automatically Upsell and Downsell via email and via Messenger.

Next, we will set up the Lead Capture and Sell feature.

What does this feature do?

When a user finds your bot on Messenger, in the Discovery tab, or from a friend we want to incentivise them to give us their information and let us message them in the future. To do this, we give them a free gift.

You can refer to the video How to get New Leads via Messenger to check all the steps to set it up.

The next feature is Auto Abandoned Cart, which is one of the most powerful features of the bot. The tutorial How to Recover Abandoned Carts on Messenger for Shopify will help you to set it up.

The last feature is the shipping customer service feature. Here you put your average delivery time and when someone comes to your store and asks when his or her package is coming; the bot will automatically respond with the time you have registered.

Let´s say a customer bought a t-shirt on January 1st and it´s now January 10th, they are asking your Facebook page when is the t-shirt coming, the bot will ask for their email address and it will do the math to answer how many days are left for the package to arrive.

The bot will continue providing shipping updates and this will keep people excited about the product.

Congrats your bot is set up! Now let's go live.

Log into Chatfuel, and go to the Shopify e-commerce template by GoBeyond.

Now, you want to connect the bot to your Facebook page, go to Configure and under Bot Publishing you will have all your pages and you need to choose your business's page. Click Connect and You're Live!

Be sure to update your Welcome Message. Additionally, do not Alter any of the 'Do Not Alter Blocks' including the default message. This is where all of the magic happens.

To take your bot to the next level, check out the How to use Chatfuel for your Shopify Store and take your Facebook Messenger Marketing to the next level.

Congratulations you did it!!

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