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How to use Chatfuel for your Shopify Store

Ready to learn new things? Today you will learn how to use Chatfuel for your Shopify Store.

Chatbots are a must have for e-commerce stores to increase sales, it looks like technology is here to help!

To start using Chatfuel for your store, you need to follow a couple steps to set it up, so here is what you need to do:

Step 1: Chatfuel -> Dashboard ->

Step 2: Click on Shopify e-commerce template by GoBeyond.

Once your Shopify store and Chatfuel are connected, you can start with the configuration, first, you need to update the welcome message and upload your logo.

In this tutorial, you get a brief explanation of how Chatfuel works, which is by having a block structure.

To give you a notion of how each block works, you think about them as different pages on a website, therefore; each of them will have different information.

You might want to click on each block to take a look at what is in it so you can have an idea, however; make sure you do not modify the blocks that are under the Do Not Alter group.

What can you modify?

Live chat, Acquire users from comments, etc. You can also add a new block and fill the content.

One of the coolest features is the Go To Block, which allows you to send your audience to different directions by using attributes or segments.

Live Chat

In the video, you will get guidance through all the steps to follow to modify, use and fill the blocks.

On the Set Up Ai section, you don´t need to do anything it is automatically handled by the default answer and the NLP provided by GoBeyond on the back end.

People is a new beta feature, it has a video that you can watch.

Broadcast is one of the most popular features, it is used to message users.

The Configure option is where you set up your Facebook page with the bot.

One of the most important things to look at is Growth tools.

Chatfuel has a lot of plugins, very useful to connect with all social media.

The instructions are really easy to follow, super friendly video since a lot of users may not have a lot of knowledge about the subject.

Let´s see what the next tutorial brings!

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