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How to Add Facebook Messenger Plugin to your Shopify Store

How Messenger Plugins Increase Sales on Shopify

One of the biggest waste in marketing is bounced traffic. Consider the typical funnel, for every 100 site visitors, about 25 will give you their email (if you’re good) and when you email those 25, about 15% will open the email and then 5-10% will click on the links. In end, the average e-commerce website converts 1-3% of the traffic into sales. Messenger Marketing Chatbots can dramatically increase this number, here is how.

Imagine that we sent the 100 users to our Shopify Bot instead, what would happen? Well, all 100 would be in our Messenger channel and we would be able to message them at anytime. Right off the bat, we are able to contact everyone that interacted with out bot instead of just the 25% that gave us their information. What makes bots so powerful, is that users don’t have to sign up and give us their info. We get this automatically by virtue of users using out bot!

… it gets even better

Next, when we message our 100 users, typical open rates are 75% and click through rates as high as 50%. In the end, this results in conversation rate of over 3% on the low end!

We want to send as much of our traffic to our bot as possible. We can send Website traffic by implementing the Facebook Messenger Plugin to our site. This takes about 5 minutes to do. This is one of the keys to chatbot marketing.

The Two Types of Messenger Plugins

There are 2 different plugins you can install. The first is a messenger icon that floats on your home page. The ideal use of this plugin is to offer visitors a discount. When they click on the plugin and begin using the bot, they will instantly get a discount code they can use at your store. So, instead driving email signups, you can now drive usage of your bot! This is the essence of facebook messenger marketing.

The second plugin is the checkbox plugin. This plugin is design to send information to the user via messenger. For example, if someone purchases an item, they can elect to receive the receipt via messenger. This feature acts like a Shopify auto checkout bot and is very powerful as users will get use to receiving important alerts from your store right away. Later you can send them shipping updates, request reviews, and introduce them to new products.

How to Add FB Messenger Plugin to your Store

Adding the Messenger Plugins is very simple. What you have to do is go to your Facebook Pages >>> Settings >>> Messenger Platform. One you are in the Messenger Platform tab, scroll down to ‘Domain Whitelisting’ and add your store’s domain address and hit save.

Next, go to Customer Chat Plugin and select ‘Set Up’. In step one, you can update your call to action. We recommend giving users a strong reason to use your bot, such as a discount. In step two you can customize your response settings and colors. In step 3, Facebook gives you the code to implement on your site.

Where do I Add the Code?

This part takes about 2min and will go live instantly! Go to your Shopify store and select “Online Store’ from tabs on the left. Then go the ‘Themes’ and under ‘Selections’ drop down menu, select ‘Edit Code’. Here you will see a number of files to the left and your website’s code. Be very careful here!

Now, look for the ‘theme.liquid’ file. It should be one of the first few files in the ‘Layout’ folder. Once you have found the file, open it and scroll down to the <body> section. Once you’re in the <body> section, find the first line of code and where it ends. Now press enter twice and past the facebook code. Save, Preview, and Viola it your plugin is working!

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