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Facebook Messenger Marketing: How to Auto Respond to FB Comments

Setting this up takes about 2-3 minutes and it will definitely help you to increase your sales!

In this tutorial, you will learn how to Respond to your Facebook Page’s Comments using a Bot.

You need to go to, then click on the Shopify e-commerce template by GoBeyond.

How do Facebook Comments work?

You are running an ad on Facebook and when someone leaves a comment on your ad or in your Facebook posts, once configured, the bot will automatically respond to the comments.

Let´s get started:

1. Go to Chatfuel homepage 2. Click on Grow 3. Go to Acquire Users From Comments 4. Add a rule (you name the rule depending on what your needs are)

Once you name the rule, everytime someone leaves a comment the rule will govern it.

The chatbot will use the message you write for the feature; remember that the idea is to start a conversation.

You can also use the rule for specific posts using keywords, anytime someone uses the keyword the bot will automatically respond with a message. You need to insert the Facebook´s post ID to start responding to all comments with that specific keyword.

Did it take you longer than 2-3 minutes? Is that easy!

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