Shopify Bot: How to get New Leads via Messenger

May 15, 2018


In this video, GoBeyond Ai shows you how to get the best out of Facebook Messenger as a sales lead generator.


Nowadays more and more people are trying to get customer service through this platform.


Learning how to configure the bot takes about 30 seconds following the steps provided:


a) Go to Shopify store -> Apps -> GoBeyond App


b) Set up tab


c) Lead Capture & Sell (create a discount code): When someone uses the bot for the first time, after 5–10 min of the interaction the bot will send them a coupon and will request for their email address, this is how we capture their information and the bot will remind them through messenger to purchase something.



The information goes to two places:

1. It is emailed to you

2. Goes to the ¨Leads-Emails Captured¨ tab, where you can see the Date, Name and Email fields.



It is now ready to get new Leads!

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