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Top 7 biggest announcements for Merchants at Shopify Unite 2018

Shopify has made some big announcements today at the Shopify Unite 2018 event.

I created a list of the most important features that are coming to Shopify platform along this year. The cool thing is that some features are available for Merchants right now.

1. Shopify multilanguage

Shopify will be a 100% multilanguage platform.

2. Dynamic Checkout A super fast (8s) new checkout experience with no forms.

3. Marketing campaigns This is huge for marketing. The new Marketing campaigns system make easier the Merchants life. With this powerful tool, Merchants will be able to create Campaigns on Facebook and Google Ads in a simple way. And the best, it will be FREE for all Merchants.

4. New Shopify app store Totally revamped, the gorgeous new platform will be powered by smart recommendations based on the Merchant preferences.

5. 3D for Shopify AR/VR will be easy for Merchants with 3D provider Shopify partners.

6. Advanced Discount Types Shopify will roll out a complete new discounts management system called Advanced Discount Types. The idea is to make easier for Merchants to create advanced rules for discounts.

7. Locations Now you can sell goods with distributed inventory locations.

Feel free to share your thoughts and comments about these innovations.

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