The Most Effective Ways To Use Facebook Messenger Marketing

More than 1.3 billion people use Facebook Messenger every month around the world. If all these people use this amazing tool why don’t we use it to make marketing?

You can use Messenger for marketing, send out your blog posts, engage and help your customers and transform this amazing platform in one of your best go-to marketing tools.

Here we list some of the things Facebook Messenger could do for your marketing:

Why use Facebook Messenger Marketing?

When someone talk about social media you could think in the most popular social networks, like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, but you are not taking into account the majority of social networks, and maybe the most important ones: messaging apps.

Around the world there is a top four messaging apps (WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, WeChat and Viber) and there is a top four social media apps (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn), according to some recent research every month the use of messaging apps is getting more influence than social networks and it seems to increase the difference in the following years, which become social networks a resource that less people is consulting every day.

According to some recent studies made by Facebook IQ by a survey to 12,500 people who use any kind of mobile messaging there are some trends that are getting more and more popular along the time:

  • 61% of people said that they prefer personalized messages when they do business.

  • 63% said that the quantity of business messages that they receive every day have increased in the past two years.

  • 50% of people prefer to buy to a company with which they can talk to by messaging apps.

  • 56% prefer use any kind of messaging instead of receiving a call when they do business.

If you have already started thinking that messaging could be a great tool to your business marketing it will be really helpful for you to read this seven ways to use Facebook Messenger in your marketing strategy.

7 ways to use Facebook Messenger for your marketing.

1. Reach your audience one to one

One of the best marketing strategies are ads and we can see them everywhere even in Facebook, some people think this is too much and a too impersonal way to make business, that’s why we suggest to make clients one by one.

Messenger ads are a tool that can help you with that, these ads will appear in the home screen of your customers’ Messenger app, when your clients tap on this ads they will be redirected to your company’s website or Messenger’s conversation.

While for marketers this is an gold mine, for the rest of the people too much publicity could be annoying, and that’s why this idea has mixed results, however it just need some time for people to get used to Messenger ads.

2. Generate high-quality sales leads

Facebook Messenger is one of the most innovative marketing channels which is getting more popularity because of its capability to attract people’s attention and to generate high-quality sales leads. According to recent research Messenger has one of the highest response rates between some other marketing strategies with an average that fluctuates from 80% to 90% of response rates.

One of the most famous examples of this great rates is one that the marketing agency Valissis made for Feldman Automotive Group, this consisted in Messenger ads targeted to different audiences in Facebook, when a person click on this ads they were redirected to a chatbot conversation that would start asking different questions, this great idea was so successful that in few months they have reached more than 100,000 people who have already used it and they get more than 50 sales per month.

It could take a little effort to get your own Facebook Messenger talking robot, but all this effort is not useless, Facebook and Messenger are really powerful tools for your company.

3. Deliver your content

Along the time one of the most common ways to deliver information to your readers is by using email, but some recent research want to find out if the use of Facebook Messenger could give better results.

The most recent prove was testing which option gets more open rate, in this test it was asked to some people about what would they prefer: filling out a form via email to get their content or skipping the form and get the same content via Messenger, after four weeks its results showed a winner, the Messenger strategy results 242% in open rate and 619% in clicking rate over the use of emails.

To this strategy it is really important to get the help of a talking chatbot, you can create your own chatbot to deliver this content or you can get one by free.

4. Engage participants during event

Another popular way in which Facebook Messenger is used is by sending extra information or reminders to people who have already signed up to assist to an event or to buy something taking into account that the rate is higher in Messenger than in emails.

One of the most common examples is when you sign up to an event, a day before the event they will start sending reminder to add it to your calendar, after that you could start receiving some related content like videos or similar sessions online, once the event has already passed this program ask you how was your experience at the event.

5. Provide speedy customer support

Providing quickly customer’s service through Facebook Messenger is a marketing strategy that you are probably already doing; it is really clear that messaging is the best marketing option over other channels that’s why a quick response is what your clients need.

Some recent studies has shown that more than 1,000 people prefer to make business by messages than by phone calls, and it is also a fact that more than 30% of them will leave your company and look for another one if they don’t receive an answer quickly.

You can do this by using a specific chatbot or you can do it by your own from your Facebook Business following these easy steps:

Under the “General” tab look for the option “Messages” and click on “Edit”, after you do this check the box and click “Save changes”. Once you have already did this your clients will see a “Message” button which they can use to send a direct message and start a personalized conversation.

6. Help your followers find the most relevant content

Facebook Messenger ads are a great marketing strategy if you can use them correctly, instead of pushing information to your clients you better pull your clients to your ads.

Some companies around the world use this technique, and they have some different Facebook Messenger chatbots that help clients to find the products they are looking for and some information that could be really interesting to them, when you present your ads in this ways your clients feel the information in a non-intrusive way and they feel as if they are receiving a personalized service.

If you are considering this strategy here are some ideas that you have to take into account:

  • Ensure your website is available in mobiles.

  • Inform your clients where and how they can get in contact with you, including customer service.

  • Include browsing menus in this way an interesting and easier way is presented to your clients.

  • Include marketing in your chatbot even if it is not its objective.

7. Re-engage potential customers

It is important to pay attention to your clients once they have already started messaging you via Facebook Messenger, but how will you attract them to your Messenger app? The answer is via Facebook ads.

Facebook Messenger has two types of ads that you can use.

The first type is by clicking ads, these allow clients to establish a direct conversation via Messenger. The second type are sponsored messages, these ones allows clients to message with a page that they have already had a communication with.

A great idea to take all the benefits this ads has is by re-engaging your potential customers, for example all the people who have already visited your website but they did not buy anything or people who have a conversation with frequently asked questions; in these cases a click-to-message ads offer answers to the client’s questions and sponsored ads can offer products that they have already asked about.

How would you use Facebook Messenger?

This amazing marketing tool is every day becoming more popular in all the companies that are adopting messaging as their main strategy which makes Facebook Messenger a really important tool in today’s publicity.

Facebook has already created some tools that make this important social network a better place to make business, for example Facebook ads or tools that help you to target different people who will probably need your products.

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