How to Use Facebook Messenger to Increase Engagement

As a marketer you know that your objective is to create the best experience to your clients and prospects, creating an amazing offer that your customers will not refuse, something that they will need in their company, even if you know that this is not an easy task.

Creating the ideal marketing strategy is really difficult and you should start trying everything until you find the one that works the best, if you can create an amazing marketing strategy your clients will start approaching to your products really fast.

Take advantage of every single resource you can find, the time, trying different strategies, changing your promotional tactics and even your Facebook Messenger account.

Wait. Didn’t you know how many people can you attract by using Facebook Messenger?

Well if you are a marketer who is always looking for the best strategy, reading this article will be really helpful. In this article you will discover some techniques of how to use the Facebook Messenger to increase engagement with prospects and customers, here we list four ways to attract people to your product services while using Facebook Messenger:

1. Using Facebook Messenger for better customer service

More than 1 billion people use Facebook Messenger around the world every month which means that a huge quantity of customers are available for you. Maybe your company is already using an AI Chatbot but some clients could think in it as a too impersonal communication way, but what about a talking robot in the Facebook Messenger platform? This great option offer immediate service and questions’ answering with a quick response giving solution to some aspects like determining frequently asked questions, upselling and troubleshooting.

2. Using the Messenger Auto Reply

All of us know that receiving a text message is easier than receiving a phone call, Messenger auto reply does specifically that in a quick, interactive and convenient way; this tool also help you with all those clients who does not like your Facebook business page, well with messages you avoid this problem and attract clients much faster.

Maybe your company does not have its own chatbot platform yet even it is really easy to set one, however you can still create a similar experience using auto-replies in your Facebook business page, here we show to you how to set up auto-replies in your Facebook Messenger.

From your Facebook business page, click on settings, then select messaging, at this point you should switch responsive assistant to yes, from here you should take your creativity and personalize the majority of its responses in order to give to your auto-replied messages the specific style your company has.

3.Using Facebook Messenger for prospecting

Creating a unique and personalized experience with your clients is not impossible anymore, with Facebook Messenger you can target your possible buyers and interact with your clients in a really quickly way.

Most of the people want to interact with the business owners and most of the time they prefer to do it by messaging, this is because is less stressing and less intimidating than having a phone call, some clients also appreciate when their questions are answered in a short period of time or when they receive gratifications when a buy is already done, well with Facebook Messenger you can do it and that’s what makes Facebook so important.

Getting your prospects is not something that you could do really fast and with no preoccupation, in fact there are some things you should remember when drawing your prospects like posting interesting facts, help with your customers’ questions, ask for questions and especially, having fun to make your live chat bot interactive and dynamic.

When you set your personality into your chatbot you create a comfortable place of interaction between your company and your clients, if you do this successfully you can start creating stringer ads techniques which will not be intrusive and will give you the possibility of a more personal approach.

4. Creating ads that open up a conversation in Facebook Messenger

To create your own ads in Facebook Messenger you should follow this steps:

Step 1. You should select “traffic” as your marketing objective. Once in the ad set, select Messenger as the ad’s placement.

Step 2. Under the Headline and Text section, choose call-to-action from the available options, even you cannot customize the button text, you can customize its message, then link your website and redirect them to their Messenger App.

Step 3. The preview is how your redirecting button will look like to your customers, when they click on it, it will automatically redirect them to your Messenger app where they can message directly with your company.

Its simplicity to be used, the real time communication and its instant access to different business pages makes Facebook Messenger the most popular of the messaging apps.

It is time to realize that Facebook Messenger is not just a personal communication way anymore, but it can still help you to make a personal communication with all the clients that are connected with your company in this important business platform.

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