How to Boost your open rates up to 88% with the use of Chatbots

February 23, 2018


Certainly, we’ve been talking about bots through the previous posts we’ve published. You’ve gotten to learn what a bot is, how beneficial it is for your business and how much time you can save to focus on tasks that require more attention. But here’s another good thing about chat bots: they can help you improve your open rates up to 88% in a few days.


How do bots help improve my open rates?


Open rate is a number that determines how many people open your messages and actually read see what you want to communicate. This term has been mostly used to evaluate email marketing campaigns success, but now it’s also applicable for social networks.


Here’s where chat bots come to the rescue. Nowadays, there are specialized bots that help you reach your customers and hold an automated, yet meaningful conversation with them. People is most attentive to read a message they got on Facebook Messenger, because they tend to be more connected to this platform, than opening a commercial, predictable email from a business or company.


Whenever your customers receive a new message notification, they feel more tempted to open your message because it’s hard to ignore, and also you’re letting them know that you have thought on them particularly, even when a bot is doing the work for you. The immediacy of Facebook Messenger allows them to quickly respond to your message and start a commercial relationship with your business.


What else can a chatbot do?


There are many tasks a chatbot can perform when getting in contact with your customers:


  • They can share contents, documents or any other useful resource through a Facebook message.

  • They can keep your customers posted and responding to your messages.

  • They can help your customers get the information they want while you’re attending other tasks.


Chat bots are definitely a pioneering trend you must adopt to your business since competition is starting to grow. The sooner you get it, the more advantage you win.


Where can I get a chatbot?

 If you manage your business with Shopify, visit and get more information about the unique advantages our bots have for you. With GoBeyond you can integrate your Facebook Messenger with your store and let your bot help you with the customer care and improve your open rates. Forget about abandoned carts, your chatbot can help you recover your sales by reminding your shoppers to submit their orders.


Give it a try and let us know how your open rates increase in no time.

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