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This feature automatically Upsells and Downsells your customer after they have made a purchase. GoBeyond automatically emails and texts your customer after they make their first purchase. It sends them a upsell item which they can buy at a discount. If they don't purchase the upsell item, it sends them a downsell item. This feature is very effective and as much as 33% of customers buy a 2nd item as a result.



Using the Feature: Turn feature ON by toggling green icon to On position. Select an item from the upsell items dropdown menu. Now create a New Coupon Code and enter a discount percentage. Do this for all 3 Upsell and Downsell items. Great job! We will send upsells/downsells at best times automatically. 

A chatbot is essentially an application you can talk to and a Shopify Bot is a chatbot that has been designed especially for ecommerce. 


How are Bots Different than Apps?

What makes bots different is that they live inside of messaging applications, like Messenger. As a result, you don't need to download them in order to use them and sign up is automatic. Furthermore, messaging apps are where all of the users are. For example, Messenger alone has over 1.3 Billion users many of which are looking for products and services like yours on Messenger.

What is a Bot?

How can a Shopify Bot Help my Business?

Do you use email marketing?

Bots are a communication channel like email on steroids. For example, good open rates for a bot range from 70% to 90% and good click through rates range from 28% to 48%! What this means is that a lot more people will be digesting your content, clicking your links, and buying your products.

shopify bot

Here is how we are using Bots for Shopify:

  1. Upselling: After a customer purchases an item from your store, our bot will automatically try to upsell them.

  2. Abandoned Cart Recovery: Abandoned cart recovery via email is effective however many customers don't give you their email. This is where the bot comes in. It is easier for customers to opt-in to Messenger updates than for them to type out their email and as a you'll be able to recover a lot more carts!

  3. Auto Reply to your FB Page's Comments: Run a good Facebook ad and you're sure to get hundreds of comments from prospective customers. Imagine if you could message all of them back. Now you can.

  4. Top of Funnel Marketing: Getting your website visitors to use your bot is essential. It lets you message them back at anytime. Best practice is to use the Messenger Plugin on your home page and on pop-ups.

  5. Content Marketing: The future of content is deeply personalized and interactive. Bots are great at both of these things. 

  6. Capturing New Leads and Sales: Our bots are great at capturing new leads from users. Our average store gets about a 100 new leads per month.

  7. Shipping Updates & Order Tracking: If you're selling on Facebook, chances are you're getting question regarding order tracking. A bot can automatically answer those questions and update your customer as the order gets closer and closer to them.

  8. Customer Service: Imagine if you did not have to answer the same questions over and over again... A bot can automatically answer many of these questions for you and when it can't there is live person takeover.

  9. Scalable Personalization: One of my favorite things about bots, is that they can automatically assign users in different groups and then personalize the experience for them. This is definitely something you can not do with email.

  10. Relationship Marketing & Loyalty: It's been shown that the more person your brand is the more loyalty your customers will have. Bots are the ideal tool for relationship marketing that helps increase brand loyalty. 

Want to Learn More about Messenger Marketing?

Read our Facebook Messenger Marketing Guid

Help Business

How can a Shopify Bot Increase my Sales?

Essentially chatbots are a more effective communication channel. When communication improves it has a direct impact on efficiency, which means you will need less and less website visitors to generate the same revenue. In other words, the value of each of your visitors skyrockets because it become much easier for you to monetize them. 

Let's compare 10,000 visitors to your website vs your chatbot:

Increase Sales
chatbot for shopify

As you can see the entire chatbot funnel is seeing a massive increase in sales volume from the same traffic. There are two big reasons why this is happening:

1) We are collapsing the sales funnel by reducing friction. As soon as someone uses the bot we have their information and so we are eliminating the entire 'sign up' phase.

2) Our open rates and click through rates are much much higher which will lead to more people making a purchase. 

The real revolution here is that we are lowering friction and improving communication and this is just the beginning. 

However, just because you can communicate better does not mean you know what to say and how to say it. This is where bots get tricky. Like the early days of online marketing and email marketing, it took a while for marketers to learn how to use these new tools, so here are a few types of messages that really work. 

shopify app chatbot

Best Ways to Increase Sales with your Shopify Bot

  1. Get People into your Bot: Use the Messenger Plugin on your home page, product pages and in pop ups. Drive as much traffic as you can to it.

  2. Segment & Personalize: Whenever a user is playing with your bot, they are communicating with you. In other words, they are giving you information about themselves. Be sure to ask the right questions, segment your users and personalize content.

  3. Deliver Content: Once you know what your users want, give each of them personalized content that they are looking forward to reading.

  4. Automate the Bottom of your Funnel: The bot should automatically upsell, recover abandoned carts, send receipts, send shipping updates, gather reviews, etc... Automated the bottom of your funnel, GoBeyond does a lot of this automatically. 

GoBeyond Featurs

What Features Does Go Beyond Have?

shopify auto checkout bot
shopify app chatbot
ecommerce chatbot
shopify chatbot

Bot in 5 Minutes

  • Plug & Play Solution: It takes 5-10 minutes to Go Live!

  • Store Features your Products: We automatically pull all of your products.

  • Always Updated: As your store changes so does your bot.

Increase Sales

  • Auto Upselling & Downsellin

  • Abandoned Cart Recovery

  • FB Auto Commenter

  • Captures New Leads & Sells

  • Sales Funnels

  • Targeted Messaging

shopify bot

Superior Customer Service 

  • Shipping Updates

  • Delivery Q&A

  • Bot gives Gifts

  • Gathers reviews from Customers

  • Live take over

Getting Started

You are 7 minutes away from have a Live Bot! Here is how to get started:

  1. Download the App on Shopify here.

  2. Make sure your logged into Facebook with the profile that controls your store's Facebook page.

  3. Watch the Onboarding Wizard Video 👇: It takes 7 minutes to launch your Bot! 


Tutorial Videos


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Set Up: Part 1

Set Up Part 1
facebook messenger for shopify

Upsell & Downsell

What is a Shopify Bot

shopify facebook messenger bot

Auto Abandoned Cart Recovery

Did you know that as much as 77% of shoppers abandon their online carts? This powerful Abandoned Cart feature helps you automatically recover abandoned carts by reaching out via email and text. We send out 3 messages that remind and incentive shoppers to finish their order. This feature is so successful that it recovers up to 50% of abandonded carts. 



Using the Feature: Turn feature ON by toggling green icon to On position. We will automatically send up to 3 emails and messages to remind the shopper to finish their order. For the first reminder, choose how soon you want to remind them of their abandoned cart. You can choose 2hrs, 4hrs or 8hrs. Next enter a coupon code and discount percentage. Now repeat this process for the 2nd and 3rd reminders. Once you have created all 3 reminders, we will automatically create the coupons for you and begin sending out the emails & messages.

Abandonded Cart
shopify messenger channel
Customer Service

Ai Powered Customer Service

How often do customers ask about when their order will arrive? This feature can automatically look up a customer's order and give your customer their order status and estimated delivery date. 


Using the Feature: Turn feature ON by toggling green icon to On position. Input the average number of days it takes to receive your order. For example, if it takes 3-5 business days, enter 5 Days.

chatbot for shopify

Lead Capture & Sell

This feature turns online browsers into buyers! When shoppers are window shopping inside the bot, we collect their information, track their behavior and then send them a free gift. The gift is a coupon that will give them a discount off the entire store.


Using the Feature: Turn feature ON by toggling green icon to On position. Enter a Code for the Coupon and the Discount %. We will auto-generate a coupon for you and send it to them. We will also collect their information and make it available on Home Screen under new leads.

Lead Capture
Auto Comments
marketing with facebook

Auto Comments on FB Posts

This feature lets you automatically respond to comments on your FB pages and posts. For example, you can engage every person who left a comment on your Facebook Advertisement and automatically send them a coupon! 


Using the Feature: Turn feature ON by toggling green icon to On position. We will be setting this feature up in Chatfuel. Scroll below.

Set Up: Part 2

messenger widget

Step 1: Log In/ Sign Up

Go to and Sign Up/Sign In

Log in using your Facebook Account. Make sure that it is the same Facebook Account you gave us access to.

facebook messenger for shopify

Step 2: Activate Our Template

Go to Dashboard (top left icon) and then select the Shopify E-Commerce Template by

shopify facebook messenger bot

After the Template has been activated you will also see it in your Dashboard.

Step 3: Launch Your Bot

Go to 'Configure' and then select the your Store's Facebook Page.

shopify messenger channel

Connect to your Page and it's LIVE!!!

Set Up Part 2



Do Not Alter: Do Not Alter, Change, or Delete: 

  • Default Message Block: Our Ai is hooked up to the Default Message Block

  • Do Not Alter Blocks: We create you store using these blocks. Do not alter.

  • Persistent Menu: Menu on bottom of Bot

Must Update: 

  • Welcome Message: Please update your welcome message block.

  • Return Policy: Please update this block with your return policy.


  • FB Comments: You can set this up by going to 'GROW' and then Acquire users from comments.

  • Messenger Plug In: Go to 'GROW' and get your Messenger Plugin for your Site. Then direct users to your bot.

  • Broadcasting Messages: Go to 'Broadcast' to send messages to all of your users or a specific group of users.

  • Sales Funnels: You can create sales funnels within this bot. We created a demo sales funnel that explains how to use it.

  • User Segments: Use user attributes to create different user groups. For example, when asking a user if shopper wants to see Men's Collection or Women's Collection, we can track all their response and in the future send messages to each group as new items are added to the collection. 

Complete Chatfuel Tutorial

Chatfuel Tutorial