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What is Messenger Marketing?

​Messenger marketing very similar email marketing, except that instead of sending emails you are sending customers private messages on Facebook.


Messenger is very personal which allows you to create a deeper connection with you customers and increase brand loyalty.

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Why Messenger Marketing Matters

​Messenger marketing has a number of big advantages over email marketing. These advantages are so powerful that companies that leverage messenger marketing increase sales 7-25%. Let's take a look at the advantages.

Messenger Marketing vs Email Marketing
  1. ​Getting Signups: Simply put it is easier to get website visitors to sing up to your bot than for them to give you their email. In the simplest terms, it is pressing one button vs typing.

  2. Open Rates: good open rates range from 70% to 90% which is 2 to 4x better than email.

  3. Click Through Rates: good click through rates are between 28% to 48% which is miles ahead of the single digit click through rates on email.

  4. Cost Per Lead: When HubSpot tried generating leads through Facebook Messenger, they “saw a staggering 477% reduction in our cost per lead, while lead quality only slightly decreased“

  5. User Data: All conversations are are an exchange of information. Bots are an easy and natural way to gather user data and insights. Everytime our customer takes an action in our bot we are learning about his preferences.

  6. Content Marketing: Bots leverage the power of dynamic content over static content. Chatbots are dynamic and can personalize the content so customer gets exactly what he wants without guessing. Furthermore, the bot can know what content the user has consumed and naturally take him to the next step.

  7. Personalization: Chatbots allow us to personalize on scale. 

  8. Micro Targeting: Once you have even a little data on your users, it is easy to send the right person the right message at the right time. Just consider that you can use conditional statements when sending a message. For example, you can send a message to everyone who is male, likes red polos, and has a birthday today. 

  9. Automation: Essentially, a chatbot is a chat application which means that it can make decisions based on the rules. The bot can automatically respond when spoken to, gather data, and send users the appropriate messages based on the user's behavior. Email can't do this...

  10. User Base: Messaging apps have surpassed social media apps in popularity and usage. In face, Facebook Messenger grew to 1.3 Billion users in a fraction of the time it took Facebook to reach similar user numbers. Simply put, your customers are already on Messenger and will soon be expecting to be able to message your business. Moving forward, Messenger is a must have communication channel for businesses.

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At GoBeyond, we try to automate do much of this work for you. We help customers purchase via your bot by automatically pulling all of your product. Additionally, we automatically send customers abandoned cart message, upsell messages, receipts and shipping information and product reviews. Simply put, Messenger is a new shopify sales channel.

Why Messenger Marketing Matters

How to Use Messenger Marketing on your Website

How to Use Messenger Marketing on Site

So what is the best way to leverage a Messenger Chatbot on your Website? In order to achieve the best results, let's first talk Goals.


Chances are your goals are to increase sales and monetize your traffic as much as humanly possible. Given this assumptions, we will focus on Expanding the Top of your Funnel, and Optimizing Each Stage of the Funnel using a Chatbot. Let's jump right in...

How to Expand the Top of your Funnel

Goals: We want to drive as much traffic to our bot as possible while getting the highest number of sing ups/opt-ins achievable. To accomplish this we will try to drive as much traffic as we can to our bot.


The best part is that we can send people to a specific part of our bot. For example, we can send coupon request to the coupon flow, and the customer service request to the customer service flow. In this way, the bot will automatically respond to the user in the most appropriate way and automatically put them in that segment!

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Pop Ups: One of the more popular techniques is to drive traffic to your Messenger Bot using popups. This is effective because Opt-ins for Messenger are much higher than email. For one it is easier for users to press one button instead of typing out their email address. 

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Best Practice: Replace you email pop up with a Messenger Pop Up and start driving traffic to your Bot. Even better, you can create a 1-2 punch by combining both techniques using the checkbox plugin in to also capture the email. The downside here is that you might capture less users, however you will also capture their email which is valuable. Best practice is to test these 2 options. If there is not a significant drop off than ask for the email. If there is a significant drop off, you can ask for their email within the bot.

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Message Plugins: This widget sits on your home page and lets users message your business. The plugin automatically recognizes the user and has a changeable "Hi! How can I help you?" call to action. When selected the widget opens up on the webpage and the bot begins responding.

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When a user engages with your plugin it allows you to message them at a later time. One of the biggest benefits here is that the entire sign-up process has been elimiated. They are in your funnel by virtue of using you bot.

Using Messenger for Content Marketing & Optimizing the Your Funnel

Content Marketing

Think about the journey your users take before purchasing. Chances are they go through a number of steps and by know how they make a decision, we can automate much of this process using your chatbot. 

how to increase conversion in sales
  1. Awareness Stage: The buyer realizes they have a problem. 

  2. Consideration/Evaluation Stage: The buyer defines their problem and researches options to solve it. 

  3. Decision/Purchase Stage: The buyer chooses a solution.

Best Practice: ​A Chatbot can automatically take a user down your funnel from Awareness to Consideration to Decision. Each step of the way the bot can gather customer information and deliver super relevant information that will help the customer make a decision. This is key, let's look at how to implement this.

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Using Chatbots at Each Stage of the Customer Journey​

Awareness Stage: Bot helps define the problem and begins sending relevant content.

  1. Bot Helps Diagnose the Problem: Use Quizzes, Calculators, Questionnaire to help the customer diagnose their problem. 

  2. Bot Sends Content of Value: ​Send guides, tutorials, videos to confirm that this is the problem.


Best Practice: Connect your the Chatbot to every piece of awareness content on your site. Incentivise customers to use the bot as a way to self diagnose. Bot will then automatically take users from awareness to decision once it has calculated what segment they belong in. 

how to increase online sales conversion rate

Consideration/Evaluation Stage: Bot helps compare solutions and guides customer towards purchase.

  1. Bot Helps Compare Options​: Shows user how they can solve the problem and the benefits of each solution. Drills down on what is important to the customer and helps guide them to that solution.

  2. Best Practice: Connect your the Chatbot to every piece of decision content on your site. 

add to cart

Decision/Purchase Stage: The buyer chooses a solution.

  1. Purchasing via Bot: Use webviews for your purchase page. They convert better and have some much need information such as reviews, product description, pictures, etc

  2. Abandoned Carts: If/when a customer abandon their cart, the bot will remind them. This feature is so powerful that as many as 50% of abandoned carts are recovered!

  3. Receipts & Shipping: After purchase, the bot gives the customer a receipt and updates them on shipping status. This substantially decreases the number of customer service requests and costs.

  4. Upselling: After the purchase, the bot can recommend other similar items. About 1/3rd of customers will buy a second item.

  5. Reviews: After the customer has received the product, the Bot can ask them how they like it and gather a customer review.

shopify add to cart direct to checkout

At GoBeyond, we try to automate do much of this work for you. All of the 'Bottom of the Funnel' features are automated. We help customers purchase via your bot by automatically pulling all of your product. Additionally, we automatically send customers abandoned cart message, upsell messages, receipts and shipping information and product reviews. 

What is Facebook Messenger Marketing?

How to Use Sales Funnels & Personalize Content

Chatbots can personalize and customize content in a scalable way. Once you know what your users like, you can deliver them the exact right content at the right time. The key to getting this right is in knowing your customers and being able to ask the right questions.

Creating a Sales Machine in 5 Steps

Step 1: Who are your Customers? 

  • Create Personas for each of your top customer groups.​​ Be sure to know their demographics, behaviors, motivations, fears, desires, pain points, and so on.

Step 2: Asking the Right Questions

  • What 5-10 questions can you ask that will help you quickly identify which group the customer belongs in?

Step 3: Map out your Content and the Customer Journey

  • Map out the mindset of the customer at each stage: Awareness, Consideration, and Decision. 

  • Map out the correspond sales content.

Step 4: Matchmaking

  • Auto Segmentation: Ask your customers 5-10 most critical questions when they first user the bot so you segment your users.

  • Sales: Send the down ​the corresponding sales funnel.

Chatbot Sales Funnels

A Sales Sequence that Works

Use this format after you have identified which segment the customer belongs in. 

Message 1: High Value Content

Message 2: Playful Fun Content

Message 3: Soft Sell

Message 4: Playful Fun Content

Message 5: High Value Content

Message 6: Hard Sell

A/B Testing: By using the 'Go To Block' plugin on Chatfuel you can randomly send users to different sequences. What this means is that you can send one part of you segment to one sequence and another part of your segment to another sequence thereby doing an A/B test. 

This is so easy to do, that I highly recommend that you take advantage of A/B testing and always work on improving your flows.

Sales Funnels

Turning your Bot into a Lead Generation Tool

Generating Leads & Sales

Getting sales and leads should be a naturally extension of a good product/service and content marketing. If you did all of the above well, sales should happen naturally. That being said, there are a couple of things you should do to take your bot to the next level.


GoBeyond Automatically does a lot of this and we will be introducing even more features along these lines. 

7 Tips on Generating Even More Leads

Tip 1: Where are users coming from?

Ideally different traffic sources should send users to different parts of your bot. Doing this will help increase your conversion rates. For example, if someone found your Bot via Facebook's Discovery Tab which means that they don't know much about your company, their experience should be a lot different than a person who said they were interested in buying a Polo from your store.

Tip 2: Generic Onboarding

Be sure to have a generic flow that onboards users who randomly find your bot and be sure to ask them the right questions so you can put them in the right segment. Later you can see how well different groups of people convert into customers and where they came from.

Tip 3: Give Gifts & Capture their Emails

​Experiment with Gift Giving in exchange for a lead. One of the things GoBeyond does automatically is offer new users a store wide discount in exchange for their email. 

Tip 4: Use Games to Gather Leads

​One of the features we are working on is gamifying customers preferences. For example, you can ask users how much they like an item from 1-10. By playing a ranking game like this, we can quickly get an idea of what the user likes most. After the game is complete, we can send the a coupon towards their favorite items.

Tip 5: Give Dollars not Percentages

Giving a customer $10 towards their purchase is far more powerful than giving them 10% Off of a $100 item. When using a percentage, the customer is one level of abstraction removed from the end result.... in other words they have to think! We don't want the to think, we want them to make a quick decision and receiving $10 is very concrete, everyone knows exactly what it means without a second thought. 

Tip 6: We're Running Out of that Item...

Scarcity is a powerful motivator. Your items should always be running out, your discounts should have an expiry date and it should be a no-brainer that this is the best time to purchase from your store.... not tomorrow. 

Tip 7: Customer's Patterns

One of the biggest opportunities for bots is in tracking customer's patterns. For example, you might discover that a customer only likes to buy clothes 3 times per year. By knowing this we can pre-empt the customer in 4 months when he will be ready for the next round of clothes buying. This is one of the features we are working on at GoBeyond and when we nail it, it will be automatic. 

FB Comments

Auto Comment Facebook

Imagine that you are running a successful Facebook Ad campaign and are getting hundreds of comments. Some people are asking questions, others are sharing your content, and many are just simply interested in learning more.

Imagine if you could automatically respond to every single comment. Now you can!

With GoBeyond, you can use Chatfuel as a Facebook auto comment software, a piece of code that acts like a facebook auto comment bot, however it is much more powerful than that. 

FB Auto Commenter in 4 Steps:

1. Go to Chatfuel homepage
2. Click on Grow
3. Go to Acquire Users From Comments
4. Add a rule (you name the rule depending on what your needs are)


Once you name the rule, every time someone leaves a comment the rule will govern it and installing Facebook auto reply comments takes about 5 minutes!


The chatbot will use the message you write for the feature; remember that the idea is to start a conversation. 

How to Get Users for your Chatbot

Getting Users

Let's look at some additional ways to get more users and customers for your chatbot. We have already discussed a number of strategies including:

  • Website: Using Pop-ups, your Home Page & Product Pages to Drive Traffic.

  • Blog Articles & Content: Getting users from Blog articles, guest posts, etc...

  • FB Auto Commenter: Using Auto Comment Feature to respond to comment left on your Facebook Page.

shopify sales channels

7 Tips on Acquiring Users

Tip 1: Optimize for Facebook Discovery

Facebook regularly features the best bots in their discover tab. Being featured can gave a huge impact on your user base. In our case, we got nearly 100,000 users in 1 week by optimizing for discovery.


So how did we do it?


We made the bot so good that people were spending an average of 13 minutes using the bot. Engagement is the key here. Can you get high engagement rates? At GoBeyond we are working on a few features that will skyrocket your engagement rates. If you're interested in this feature, ask out team to be included in the test group

Tip 2: Use Extensions

Extensions are a great way for users to share and discover your bot. Facebook M has been auto recommending extensions based on keywords. For example, if you tell your friend you are hungry, Facebook will auto recommend extension. This is a great way to get discovered!

Pro Tip: Try Gamify your extensions in such a way that they bring other people into your bot. For example, Swelly used a 'Hot or Not' extension where 2 people can see how many answers they got right. 

See how Spotify did it below 👇.

what is messenger marketing
messenger bot marketing

Tip 3: QR Codes

I would strongly advise that you have a QR code for every product you ship with instruction on how to use it. If you're selling on Amazon, this can be a great way to get people into your bot. Plust, this is the easiest way to engage with people after the purchase and make them feel really good about being your customer.   

messenger customer service
increase shopify sales

Tip 4: SEO & Web Pages

Bing is starting to rank Bots in their search results.​ Chatfuel and many others are making bot specific pages for their customers so these bots can rank on SERPs, you should do so also. Think of ways to get people into your bot.

Tip 5: Influencer Marketing

Swelly grew to over 6 Million users making it one of the most popular Messenger Bots by using influencers. If you are already using influencers, consider sending the traffic to your bot as part of an A/B test.

shopify upsell

Tip 6: Viral Loops

Viral loops are one of the most effective and cheap ways to get traction. With NearGroup we experimented with a number of viral loops and eventually we hit paydirt. What does paydirt look like? In our case 45k–60K users per month.

The key to viral loop is to create features that are inherently social. Sharing has to be in the DNA of the use case. 

Tip 7: Sharing & Groups

Soon bots will be able to do things for Groups on Facebook. All types of new use cases will open up and you should begin thinking of ways you can leverage group conversations. 

BONUS: Messenger Ads

Last but not least, you can run ads on Messenger. There are two types of Facebook Messenger ads you could use. The first type, click-to-Messenger ads, which I mentioned briefly above, allows you to direct people from the Facebook News Feed to a Messenger conversation with you. The second type, sponsored messages, allows you to initiate a Messenger conversation with anyone who has messaged your Facebook Page before.

 increase sales shopify

A great way to use these Facebook Messenger ads is to re-engage potential customers, such as people who have visited your pricing page but didn’t purchase your product or people who have asked you questions via Facebook Messenger. For example, you can use the click-to-Messenger ads offer them a channel to ask any questions they have or you can use sponsored messages to send relevant content and offers to them.

shopify sms marketing

Molly Pittman from Digital Marketer described these two approaches in great detail in her blog post. Using sponsored messages, she was able to get a read rate of 67 to 90 percent. Compared to an open rate of about 20 percent for emails17, these results are incredible!


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