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What is Cart Abandonment 

What is Cart Abandonment 
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Cart Abandonment is an e-commerce term used to describe a visitor on a web page who leaves that page before completing the desired action. 


For instance, shopping cart abandonment, refers to visitors who added an item to their online shopping cart, but exit without completing the purchase.

Abandoned Cart Stats and Rates

Abandoned Cart Stats and Rates

shopping cart abandonment

Did you know that on average 65% of shoppers abandon their online carts with an average online order of $116? This represents a lot of lost revenue.


Fortunately, as much as 75% of lapsed buyers intend to return and complete the purchase, so it’s hugely important to capture them in the buying state of mind by offering gentle reminders of their initial intent. A series of automated abandoned cart emails or messages ensures that your online store isn’t forgotten and capitalizes on the expressed interest.


On average, abandoned cart emails achieve a 4.64% conversion rate, compared to just 0.17% rate of a promotional newsletter. The most successful abandoned cart emails get a whopping 14.9% recover rate and this is orders that are over $500! Best way to recover abandoned carts is to first understand why customers abandon your cart in the first place. 

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Why Customers Abandon Shopping Carts

Why Customers Abandon Shopping Carts
why customers abandon shopping carts

Most online buyers abandoned their shopping carts for more than one reason. It is the combination of multiple reasons that have lead them to abandon the process. Let's look at what patterns emerge so you can decrease abandoned rates on the front end and increase your recovery rates.


  •  Cost: 99% of abandoned checkouts are in part influenced by price. The product or shipping was too expensive or the buyer did not factor in additional costs suchs as shipping or taxes. When they saw the final price, they moved on.

  • Shipping: 72% of abandoned checkouts were shipping related. Either the the shipping cost was not shown upfront, was to expensive or took too long. An easy solution would be to offer free shipping.

  • Indecisiveness: 65% were indecisive and either wanted to save the product for later or just weren't ready to purchase the product. 

  • Website User Experience: 60% was due to website experience and lack of options. For example, asking too many questions, not offering guest checkout options, or making the checkout process too complex contributed to abandoned carts. 

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Decreasing Abandoned Carts

  •  User Experience: Make sure that your website has a top notch user experience. 

  • Simplicity: Your checkout process should be ultra simple. The entire focus should only be on what the user needs to see. Eliminate unnecessary options and any decision making.

  • Security: Make sure your site fast and secure.

How to Reduce Abandonded Carts
Using FB Messenger for Abandonded Carts

How to Reduce Abandoned Carts: The 2 Ways

Traditionally, email has been the best way to recover abandoned carts, however Facebook Messenger is quickly becoming a very powerful tool in abandoned cart recovery.


Messenger has a number of key advantages over email such as:

1)  Higher Open Rates: 75% to 90% Open Rates

2) Higher Click Through Rates: Range from 28% to 40% CTR

3) Higher Optin Rates: 3x More people opt in to receive updates on Messenger than email.

Overall, we recommend using a tool that will leverage both Messenger and Email to get the best results.  GoBeyon does just that!

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Using Facebook Messenger to Recover Abandoned Carts

Facebook Messenger is a must have when it comes to recovering abandoned carts. The best way to implement a Messenger solution is by adding a 'Send to Messenger Checkbox Plugin' on every product page of your site. Fortuenly, the GoBeyond Shopify app does this automatically.


The way this plugin works, is when a customer adds an item to their cart, we automatically get them subscribed to your bot via the checkbox plugin without them leaving the page. As soon as they hit the 'Add to Cart' button they are subscribed! As a result of these ease of use, opt-ins for Messenger are 3 times higher than email. Afterall, it is much easier to checkmark a box than to type out your email. Let's take a look at what it looks like.

best abandoned cart app shopify

After the user has opted in, if they abandon their shopping cart, the GoBeyond App will automatically send them a reminder to finish their order. If the shopper does not purchase, we send up to 3 messages over Messenger and give you the ability to decide what time the messages are sent and to add a coupon to the message.


This feature is so popular that with some test stores, revenue has increased as much as 25%. Best part is that you can implement this solution in the next 10 minutes by following our tutorial  or watch the video below.

GoBeyond Tutorials

GoBeyond Tutorials

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Using Email to Recover Abandoned Carts

Using Email for Abandonded Carts

The standard practice is to send 2-3 messages after a cart abandonment occurs to try and pull back some of the lapsed shoppers. The first email should go out immediately after the cart abandonment.


Some studies indicate that emails sent within the first 20 minutes of cart abandonment, on average, enjoy a 5.2% conversation rate, whereas emails sent within the first hour achieve a 4.5% conversion rate. We recommend running a few A/B tests to determine the most effective timings for your particular products and customers.

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It is advisable to send the second email 1-3 days after a cart has been abandoned, and the third email 4-7 days after the cart has been abandoned. The main focus of the third email should be on reminding the customer that their cart won’t be saved and that it’s likely you’ll run out of stock.


Coupon codes is one of the most popular incentives used in the final abandoned cart email as the last attempt to make the customer take action immediately.

What is the Best Subject Line for Abandoned Cart Recover?

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Now that we’ve worked out performance expectations and abandoned cart messaging strategy, let’s start talking about content. It all starts with the subject line.

Subjects lines that merely reminded the abandoner that they left something behind tended to perform the best with an open rate of 47.67%, almost 4% higher than the average. This gained not only a very high open rate, but also a high revenue per recipient with $11.21. The most popular subject line was “It looks like you left something behind…”

Adding an emoji will help you add a little personality to your subject line, but it may also impact your open rate. Businesses who used them had a slightly lower average than the general population, at 39%. Still, the difference is slight enough to make testing the use of emojis in subject lines worthwhile for most brands.

Discount focused subject lines are intriguing. Subject lines that contained either a percentage, dollar sign, or the words “free shipping” have an open rate slightly under the average (38.31%). Yet recipients are still clicking: average CTR is 10.75%. But by far, the best performance comes from keeping the subject line to a straightforward reference to the action of abandoning a cart. The best performing subject lines mentioned that the reader “left something behind.” A variation on that theme also worth testing is “Oh no. Your cart is about to expire”.


Using Coupons to Increase Abandoned Cart Recover?

shopping cart trick list

What happens when you add a coupon? You’d automatically assume that people would see that discount and jump at the opportunity to score a good deal. And you’d be right.

According to the data, abandoned cart emails that included a coupon code had an above average open rate (44.37%) and click-through rate (10.85%). Can you honestly say that this surprises you? Each discount type has its own strength.

Let’s dive into what we’re looking at: